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Monroe WA Head Lice Treatment

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rest-easy-head-lice-removal Your child has been sent home from school or you have discovered what you believe to be a “bug” or nit yourself. Stressful – and alarming! At Rest Easy Hair Clinic we cater to those in Monroe and surrounding areas in search of safe head lice solutions. You may be tempted to use one of those OTC products that have been around for decades, but trust us – they aren’t effective anymore, they are a hassle to use and perhaps even worse, they contain potentially dangerous and harsh ingredients such as pesticides! Our non chemical head lice treatment is guaranteed effective with no mess, no fuss, no hassle.

Our head lice clinic makes it possible for your child to be treated in a relaxed, comfortable environment by professional technicians who are highly skilled. The products we use are safe and non-toxic, containing natural ingredients head lice find offensive. When combined with a thorough comb-out using a unique comb designed to detach every one of those pesky critters from the hair, you can relax knowing the infestation is gone and you can go about your life!

Many parents wonder how to get rid of lice, and whether to go see a doctor for a prescription or buy a product at the store. The answer is neither, simply because you could be wasting your hard-earned money while using harsh chemicals that could damage the hair. Considering the repeated application of these products and the fact most no longer work, why waste your time? Our natural lice removal process is pleasant, quick and effective. No more of those pesky bugs! If you are in the Monroe area and prefer a safe solution that is guaranteed to work, give Rest Easy Hair Clinic a call today at 360-322-7540.

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A natural, nontoxic lice solution for your family, your home and our community.

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