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Safe Head Lice Solutions

Arlington & Surrounding Areas

arlington-wa-lice-clinicAt Rest Easy Hair Clinic we are happy to provide non chemical head lice removal services to clients in Arlington and surrounding areas. We know that an infestation is not only stressful and uncomfortable, it can literally disrupt your life and daily routine! Children are sent home from school, which means in some cases parents must take off from work. Most important, when your child is the victim of an infestation you want to get rid of lice as quickly and safely as possible. You can count on our team of expert technicians for safe head lice treatment that WORKS!

You would think that over the decades the occurrence of this condition would have lessened, but actually the opposite is true. Head lice remain a problem today, and the fact children are in crowded environments constantly between school, sports, camp and other activities doesn’t help. “Selfies” used for posting on social media also contribute to the problem, as kids’ heads are often touching in these photos. Our head lice solutions involve products that are non-toxic, safe, and contain none of the harsh ingredients, chemicals or pesticides found in prescription and OTC products. Gentle on hair and scalp, super effective for eradicating those pesky bugs!

No one wants to use dangerous chemicals on a child’s hair and scalp – and honestly, those products simply don’t work today as most strains of head lice have become immune to the ingredients. For natural lice removal that is guaranteed and treatment performed in a relaxed, comfortable environment count on Rest Easy Hair Clinic. If you are in the Arlington area give us a call today at 360-322-7540. We take care of what bugs you most!

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A natural, nontoxic lice solution for your family, your home and our community.

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