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Effective Head Lice Removal in Camano Island

A Safe, Non Toxic Solution

Snohomish-head-Lice-RemovalAt Rest Easy Hair Clinic we know one of the most stressful things parents in Camano Island can face is learning their child has a head lice infestation. Not only are you concerned about your child’s comfort and eradicating those pesky bugs as quickly as possible, an infestation can also disrupt your life in terms of school, work and daily activities. We provide non-chemical head lice solutions for those who want to get rid of those nasty critters right away without the repeated applications, hassle and disappointing results of traditional OTC products.

Natural head lice treatment has become highly popular today not only among parents, but pediatricians as well. Over the years lice have become resistant to pesticides and the “active” ingredients found in products available at drug and retail stores. Not only that, many of the chemicals in these products are harsh – not something you want to use on your child’s head! Our lice clinic provides a relaxing, comfortable environment and is staffed by highly trained technicians who are dedicated to achieving the results you expect. Using non-toxic products combined with a thorough comb-out, we end the problem and give you back your peace of mind!

Safe and Affordable Head Lice Treatment

Children and teens are likely to become victims; there is really no way around it, considering their crowded environments. The good news is that you no longer have to search online for “how to get rid of lice,” knowing that many of the results you come across are not proven or reliable. Our safe head lice removal options make it possible to zap those pesky bugs and their eggs without the hassle and mess, and without using potentially dangerous chemicals. At Rest Easy Hair Clinic we invite those in Camano Island and surrounding areas to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment by calling 360-322-7540.

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A natural, nontoxic lice solution for your family, your home and our community.

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