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Natural Lice Treatment in Everett Washington

Guaranteed to Safely Kill Head Lice

Everett-head-lice-doctorsAre you in search of non chemical head lice solutions you can trust to eradicate those pesky bugs from your child’s head? At Rest Easy Hair Clinic we cater to those in Everett who are looking for a safe alternative to prescription and over-the-counter products. Most parents don’t know it, but head lice have become immune to the active ingredients in traditional OTC products, usually pesticides or insecticides. Aside from that fact, who wants to use these harsh chemicals that require repeat applications and are messy – especially when chances are it won’t be effective? Our safe head lice treatment is non-toxic and guaranteed, bringing peace of mind for you and your child.

Because those aggravating pests spread so easily among children and teens, parents often wonder how to get rid of head lice. All it takes for an infestation to spread from one person to another is the sharing of a hair brush, comb, or other hair accessory. Touch heads or even wear an infected person’s hat or scarf, and voilá- you have a problem on your hands that could affect every member of your household. Frustrating, and a huge inconvenience for most of us who lead busy lives! Our head lice clinic employs highly trained and certified professionals who eliminate the problem in an environment that is comfortable and relaxing, putting you and your child at ease.

Natural lice removal involves the use of gentle, non-toxic ingredients combined with a professional comb-out to ensure every live bug and nit (egg) is gone. The “magic” is really in the comb-out, something difficult for parents to do at home. If you are ready for a one treatment lice solution that can have you and your child back on schedule in just an hour or two, trust Rest Easy Hair Clinic for outstanding results. Those in Everett are invited to contact us today at 360-322-7540.

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A natural, nontoxic lice solution for your family, your home and our community.

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