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Snohomish Head Lice Treatment

Washington Nit Removal – Guaranteed

Snohomish-head-Lice-RemovalIs non chemical head lice removal important to you? At Rest Easy Hair Clinic we provide clients in Snohomish and surrounding areas with solutions that are safe, comfortable and effective. While infestations are common among children and teens, we know it’s still a frustrating situation. Our head lice clinic provides services in a comfortable, relaxing environment so you and your child can move past the stress and uncomfortable itching and get on with life!

There are several products sold over-the-counter and even by prescription you can use, but most either don’t work at all or require repeated, messy applications. Given these products also typically contain harsh chemicals or ingredients including pesticides or insecticides, many parents simply don’t feel comfortable using them. Our natural lice treatment is performed using non-toxic, safe ingredients head lice find offensive along with a professional comb-out to ensure every last critter is removed, along with nits (eggs). When you want to get rid of head lice you can count on our professional technicians for guaranteed results.

Naturally parents want a one treatment lice solution – who wouldn’t? No mess or hassle, or harsh ingredients that could damage your child’s hair. At Rest Easy Hair Clinic our safe head lice solutions are gentle and most important of all, effective. This condition is easily spread among children whether at school, in sports or other activities, even sleepovers – but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it! As parents ourselves we understand the frustration and how an infestation can turn your life upside down. If you are in the Snohomish area, we invite you to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment by calling 360-322-7540.

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A natural, nontoxic lice solution for your family, your home and our community.

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