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Mt. Vernon Head Lice Removal

Safe Head Lice Removal by Rest Easy Hair Clinic

head-lice-clinicIf you live in Mt. Vernon or a nearby city, you may be in search of non chemical head lice solutions for your child or even yourself.  At Rest Easy Hair Clinic we know the frustration you face, and how a case of those pesky critters can upset your entire routine.  While you could try one of those traditional OTC products found on store shelves, you would likely be disappointed!  Not only have these products become ineffective because of the fact most head lice have become immune to the ingredients, they contain pesticides and harsh chemicals you want to think twice about using on your child’s head and hair!

We provide natural lice treatment in our clinic so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing there are no toxic or dangerous ingredients involved.  The fact is, those nasty bugs find natural ingredients like peppermint highly offensive; when combined with our natural and non-toxic head lice removal technique, the results are exceptional and guaranteed.  In most cases the process takes only an hour or so (depending on hair length, severity of infestation and other factors) so you can be in, out, and on your way.  Our head lice clinic provides a comfortable environment, important for young children who often become anxious.

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Kids and teens are going to get lice, it’s a given considering they spend so much time in crowded environments at school, camp, in sports activities and other functions.  A quick touch of heads is all it takes, and those bugs spread from an infected person to the next.  If you are looking for a one treatment lice solution that you can rely on, trust Rest Easy Hair Clinic.  We invite those in Mt. Vernon to learn more or schedule an appointment today by calling 360-322-7540.

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